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    Cakes 4 Fun specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, special desserts and treats for any occasion or event! (We also offer Event Planning Services!!) We create from the most simplest of cakes to the most unique! Our creations are made fresh to order, never frozen, and we only use the finest ingredients to ensure the best tasting creations ever! From start to finish: flavor, design & delivery, our cakes, cupcakes and cookies are individually created and shouldn't be compared to any other bakers around; we all have truly unique creations, however we can't wait for you to try one of ours!! Can't wait to hear from you soon!! Michele


Hi!  I’m very pleased to say that Cakes 4 Fun has now moved their Website to this WordPress Blog!  After tons of research, we’ve made this transition due to the fact that more people will be able to access this Blog versus our Web Site. 

Fear not my loyal clients ~ none of the products have changed!  Please feel free to continue to contact me via email if you have any specific questions!

I will continue to take ‘web-based’ orders!  Just shoot me an email at:  cakes4fun@gmail.com and I will be in contact with you!

I will be continuing to update and add things to this Blog until it’s up to par, so please bear with me!!!

Thanks again for supporting my sweet business!  🙂